Home Registration


  • Get a shop in a strategic location. In most cases, we advise that you choose a shop on a ground floor of a Building
  • You must be capable to pay for shop rent and finance the general shop set-up
  • Minimum shop size is a room size ( 18sqr/mtr)
  • Check the distance to an existing Betking shop and confirm it’s upto 5mins distance trek.
  • Send to us via WhatsApp the shop video and it’s environment.
  • Contact us for inspection before paying for the rent.
  • After we’ve inspected and approved your shop, our inspection team will guide you on how to set-up your Betking shop
  • Minimum of two cashier space and three booking systems
  • Maximum period of 6weeks to set-up your Betking shop
  • A startup security deposit of #25,000 into your Betking account